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The Capitals release their debut single Wake Up
Out now on Apple Music & iTunes - http://apple.co/2yqX8mG

(THE CAPITALS from left to right: Travis Mellett, Conrad Rudolph, Rics Eltze)

A debut single launched across six major campus radio stations at the same time, Wake Up is not just the title of The Capitalsfirst single, but a call to action.

Receiving its first play on radio yesterday, The Capitals launched their debut single Wake Up at 5pm on Tuks FM 107.2 (Pretoria); PUKfm 93.6 (Potchefstroom); MFM 92.6 (Stellenbosch); KOVSIE FM 97.0 (Bloemfontein); RMR 89.7fm (Grahamstown) and Radio-DUT (Durban). A wake up it was as new audiences across SA heard The Capitals for the first time.

The Capitals are excited for the release of the single! “It’s always been a dream of ours to make music full time, and after all the hard work it’s an amazing feeling to be able to share our songs. The best part of this whole process is that we now get to enjoy the music with all of our friends, even those we haven’t met yet,” comments drummer Rics Eltze.

Listen to ‘The Capitals – Wake Up’https://youtu.be/YVnOv8mh8Bk

The Capitals describe their sound as ‘Anthemic Afro Indie Pop’ and Wake Up beautifully celebrates this marriage of genres.

“The Capitals – not only unique in their approach, but equally compelling – make their debut on the SA music scene with a feel good party tune, Wake Up. A textured patchwork of afro-pop melodies, layered with beautiful harmonies and quirky lyrics, the trio will leave a definitive mark on the hearts of their listeners.” – http://indiedoesit.co.za/

What is Wake Up about? Rics explains, saying “We all have that one friend who never wants or lets the party end. Well, this song is about us, and we are that friend!”

First formed in 2015 as a four-piece under the name Up Sexy, the line-up was reduced to a trio in February 2017 when singer Tanya Redinger left the group after her international modelling career took off. Remaining members Travis Mellett (vocals/Guitar), Conrad Rudolph (electric Guitar/vocals) and Rics Eltze (drums) decided to revamp the band by giving it a new name, one that reflected their affection for Pretoria. The Capitals. The newly launched group have not forgetten their former band member, as Wake Up was co-written with Redinger while still playing as a four-piece and was selected as the single to launch The Capitals.

The Capitals have garnered an impressive collection of live performances in the past few months, sharing the stage with the likes of Gangs of Ballet, Desmond and the Tutus, Matthew Mole, Kahn Morbee and Elvis Blue. They take pride in excelling at their live show and constantly develop it to keep the performance fresh and exciting. The same goes for their music and with three singer-songwriters, each with their own unique background and style, their writing draws from a vast pool of interests and inspiration, giving birth to songs that deserve to be heard.

Wake Up is the first of many great singles to come from The Capitals. “Everybody’s waiting for you, everybody’s waiting”. The wait is over. Everybody’s awake and listening, my friend.

Discover ‘The Capitals – Wake Up’ on Apple Music and iTunes now - http://apple.co/2yqX8mG

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