The WJ Collection, celebrates South African Uniqueness

The WJ Collection is a new and exciting range of lifestyle products, hand made and painted with love. The uniqueness of the collection is that majority of their products are made from cement. I love the construction vibe turned rustic and beautiful. I could never imagine that cement could be beautiful, until I saw this amazing collection, and the company just keep pushing more and more products out. The more they dream up, the more we all benefit from their creativity. 

When I was first introduced to the WJ collection, they had just started, (so I was fortunate to see them grow into what they are now), they had some beautiful pots for pot plants, beautiful bowls, and many decorative items for your household. NOW they have a range of cement products as well as wooden beauties, jewelry, magnets and many more. There is just so much beauty and artistry with what they do, that is seldom seen anymore. Hand making products was a dying breed, but slowly, markets and hand made goodies are coming back into fashion. More and more people are expressing their creativity in ways that now pushes the boundaries of society and societal norms. The WJ Collection is proudly South African. They have many products that prove this. Their work shows off their pride and love for their business as well as their country, which in my books is amazing. 

I will be doing a review on some of their products soon, however, an introduction was definitely needed! If you need to get hold of this beautiful company, you can find them on Facebook at or call Jackie at 073 243 1135. their products are beautiful, well priced and can be found at the local markets, online and in select stores. 

This is is WJ had to say about their company: 

"The WJ Collection was born out of a love of unique, bespoke pieces that created conversation around them. 

Frustrated with the lack of natural looking pieces, ...that had character, available in the market, we began to investigate how to make these ourselves. With Jackie's experience in sourcing and interior design and Waldo's decade's worth of knowledge with cement and other natural material's, it made sense for us to focus on our strengths. 

Thus our love affair with cement, reclaimed wood and metallic finishes gave to rise to what we now call The WJ Collection.

Each item is designed to be aesthetically pleasing and link together into a range that complements each other, and creates a theme throughout your home.

We both prescribe strongly to the three elements rules of designing, which calls for rough textures, wood finishes and smooth sleek lines which combine to achieve an holistic look that is both attractive and calming.

We know that each piece will give you as much joy as the love that went into creating it and chat to us about how we can design something ultimately YOU"

View some of their amazing products below!

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  1. Stunning, looking forward to many more collab's between us.