GrandWest’s Chefs that Care feed hope in Mitchell’s Plain

GrandWest’s Chefs that Care continued its journey to deliver sustenance and hope to those in need in September 2017. The volunteers left the kitchens of GrandWest for the day on 28 September 2017 to prepare a hearty and nutritious meal for over 800 people at United Reformed Church, URC, in Tafelsig, Mitchells Plain. Amongst those who enjoyed the scrumptious meal of mince and mixed vegetable casserole with rice and jelly with custard for dessert were 250 young children from the community.

The Chefs that Care initiative was born from GrandWest’s food and beverage team’s desire to use their skills and passion to make a positive impact on the lives of those less fortunate in surrounding communities.

“With unemployment rife in many Cape communities and with the cost of living, including food, skyrocketing, we are faced with the reality that many people do not have even one balanced meal a day. Amongst the most marginalised and most affected are children and the elderly. Sadly, their nutritional requirements are not being met so their quality of life and their health is compromised. 

“As chefs, we recognise that we have the ability to make a difference by using our knowledge of food preparation as well as nutrition for the betterment of those in need. With the support of GrandWest and concerned sponsors, we have been in a position to prepare and share over 2 700 meals as well as donate supplies to two soup kitchens. The looks of gratitude on the faces of those whose lives we have touched is all the inspiration we need.

“Alleviating hunger is something that will always be close to our heart and we feel privileged to be able to continue with this programme to feed the hungry in our communities on a monthly basis. We thank all of our volunteers for being part of it, with a special word of appreciation to our sponsors, including Bidfood, Palmans foods, Green Ccene, Hanko Packaging, Espresso Bakery and Maitland Farm,” says GrandWest’s Executive Chef Wynand Schoeman.

GrandWest’s Chefs that Care journey has seen the team travel into some of the poorest communities in the Western Cape where unemployment, gangsterism, child headed households and poverty are rife.

Between August 2016 and January 2017, Chefs that Care helped feed 100 adults once a month at the First Feed Elim Night Shelter. Other interventions include feeding 200 children and 200 adults at Weltevreden Rocklands in Mitchells Plain, 200 children and 200 adults at Bishops Court New Horizons in Pelican Park, 200 children and 300 adults at Boundary Road in Ottery and 200 children and 200 adults at two feedings in 7de Laan, Strandfontein and Olieboom Road, Schaapkraal. Meaty bones are donated to soup kitchens run by GrandWest’s Tables Secretary, Elmarie Mitchell, and Chef Janine Naidu, every month thanks to GrandWest’s Chefs that Care.

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