Come Celebrate the Red, White & Blue at Billy The B.U.M’S Food and Cocktail Bar in Fourways
Your very own home of the free and land of the brave!

When it comes to the 4th of July, few brands represent the US of A quite as perfectly as the world’s best selling Kentucky straight bourbon.
And when it comes to parties, Billy the B.U.M’s is the capital of Joburg parties. So much so, we’ll be celebrating the 4th of July on SATURDAY 2ND JULY so you can go big and not worry about work! And yes, you guessed it, in partnership with the best there is in the creation of the bourbon of bourbons, Jim Beam, Billy The B.U.M’S Fourways has once again surpassed themselves with the apple pie of special prizes to help you get the celebration going. With any purchase of a Jim Beam bourbon, you’ll stand a chance to receive a beanie to keep you warm during our Southern Hemisphere winter, emblazoned with the USA flag

You’ll be able to choose from Jim Beam White Bourbon – Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey  (World’s No 1 Bourbon). Jim Beam Black Triple Aged Bourbon and Jim Beam Devil’s Cut , one you’ll definitely want to try!

Get dressed to impress in Red, White & Blue  and come on down and get the yee-haws going. You’ll be the star in the spangled banner at Billy The B.U.M’S Fourways! Complete with complimentary popcorn and the hottest dancers in Jozi!

aha Hotels & Lodges offer Real Rewards to their Guests

aha Hotels & Lodges offer Real Rewards to their guests

aha Hotels and Lodges has launched a refreshed and rejuvenated loyalty programme for the entire portfolio. Dubbed Real Rewards, the newly-launched programme will be in keeping with ahas overall strategy: stay simple and fresh, while giving guests the opportunity to be continuously delighted.

Most hotel groups offer loyalty programmes, which can clutter the market. ahas intention is to engage with guests and give them tangible aha experiences that make their stay at any aha property smoother and richer. Members will feel valued and welcomed and based on this, will be encouraged to return time and time again to aha hotels and lodges.

Real Rewards comprises a three-tiered offering: The first tier is Classic Green, which is free to anyone. The second tier is Plus Green and will offer additional benefits at a cost of R495 per annum. Premium Green is the third tier and will give members a bouquet of extraordinary benefits at a cost of R1495 per annum. Members can expect complimentary coffee for an all-day boost, complimentary room upgrades for that little bit of luxury, bi-weekly exclusive special offers, actual cash back on accommodation spend, discounts at aha properties, spas and restaurants and much more.

According to Neil Bald, the Managing Director of aha Hotels and Lodges, “All of our rewards are designed to give guests immediate and concrete benefits. We want to encourage them to become part of the aha “family”, and to feel that they get just that little bit extra every time that they stay at an aha property.”

For more information on the new loyalty programme and the full list of Real Rewards benefits go to

aha Moments Magazine

aha Hotels & Lodges is proud to announce the arrival of aha Moments magazine, published in partnership with June Communications.


As with every quality hospitality brand, offering guests exception in-room entertainment is a top priority, one aha Hotels & Lodges take very seriously indeed! Welcome then, the final piece to complete the enjoyment equation aha Moments.


Celebrate high-end lifestyle experiences as well as experience a unique window on the various luxurious aha hotels and lodges, aha Moments will appeal to businessmen and women travelling for work, as well as families enjoying their holidays together.


Published bi-monthly, the periodical will speak to both local and international readers each issue of the bespoke title is a pool of considered features covering travel, fashion, health, business and lifestyle topics.


The print version will be introduced in all the aha hotels, ranging from three to five star, as well as their luxury game lodges in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Botswana.


Neil Bald, Managing Director of aha Hotels & Lodges says that the group is all about the experience. Our goal is to re-imagine the world of hospitality by crafting immersive experiences that are unique and exciting, he explains. Our guests should have something out of the ordinary to look forward to every time they visit our venues.


That is what we are hoping to achieve right here with aha Moments, he concludes, proudly. It will highlight how we augment your travel experience by keeping your finger on the pulse of global and local trends while giving you lifestyle news, all right in the palm of your hands!




Harvey Fox

Philippa Harvey

+2772 879 4077


aha Hotels & Lodges

Marketing Manager: Ruzandri Stoltz

+27 87 740 9263

Billy The B.u.m's Food & Cocktail - Rewind Revolution - Friday the 17th of June

Billy The B.u.m’s Food & Cocktail Bar in Fourways does it again.

OFriday 17th June the Rewind Revolution featuring Hot 91.9 DJs Paul Almedia and Sasha Martinengo takes hold of the floor.

If you’re up for some killer beats served up old school by the two legends themselves, this is one party that will go down in revolutionary history.

You know by now to expect only the best from Billy The B.u.m’s Fourways and Rewind Revolution is no exception.

We’ll see you there, looking your best, living your best and dancing your best.