It’s easy to judge when you are not it’s not your life: Trump and Refugees

It’s easy to judge when you are not it’s not your life.
The views and opinions of this post are solely my own, I am not trying to force them on anyone, I am merely using my platform to express my opinions, you may not agree, however I respect your opinion and I ask you to do the same for me and respect mine.  I have studied political science, so my view and opinions are also based on experiences and what I have learnt.
Everyone in the world is currently weighing in on the policies that Trump is starting to initiate. Here’s the thing, it is very difficult to trust the new leader of the free world (which is the societal given at this point in time), when he is promoting hate of another, whilst allegedly protecting the citizens of his own nation. Let me break it down, in a way that I can try comprehend what I am saying as well.
History of the world supports the notion that war does not just happen; a catalyst ignites a spark and creates a fire. In other words one human’s hatred for another creates a domino effect, which essentially causes another to retaliate, and bam WAR. Greed, discrimination, the need for power and domination, the constant need for validation, pain, hatred, suffering... the list can go on; these are the key role players in a person’s domain that often causes them to want to start conflict. All my life I have been fascinated by Hitler, he was quite possibly one of the greatest people to have ever lived. Now bare with me, “greatest”, he had one of the greatest minds that the world has ever seen. He was a single man, who came from Austria, had Jewish blood running through him, fought in the war, served time in prison and was notorious for his dealings in women. Then convinced a few people that “oh actually there needs to be an Arian Race and the rest of the people are just scum”, somehow, beyond my comprehension, they agreed and next thing you know, a few people became practically a whole nation. Whether they believed it or not, their dictator was now a man who craved power, domination and servitude. Sorry for you if you did not agree with his rule, if you didn’t you kept it to yourself. A single man, a single mind, a single dominator was responsible in the world going up in flames, over 6 million Jews being brutally tortured,  further  millions of which included gays, gypsies, disabled, children, twins etc being tested and experimented on.  Torture, blood and death loomed.
The Rwandan genocide in 1994 saw to over one million people dying in a period of 100 days. People being hacked up by their neighbours, blood running through the rivers, people lying decapitated in the streets and children’s heads being smashed against the walls until their blood stained it for 21 years and counting.  All because one group of people decided to create laws to separate one group from another. Namely the Hutus and Tutsi’s.
Now I could go on for pages and pages going through wars, genocides and terrors that keep me awake at night, but I won’t. What I will say, I have been to two concentration camps, I have walked through Shinglers factory, I have seen the sight of the Budapest oppression, I have struggled up the stairs where Anne Frank and her family hid, I have walked through the grave sites of those who lost their lives in Rwanda, I have seen the crushed skulls of the children whose heads were smashed against the wall ( I have also seen the very wall where there is still blood and brain stains after 22 years) I have seen the bodies that been preserved so that people will know the genocide happened in Rwanda, I have seen the effect laws can make in my own country, I have seen extreme poverty and sickness, I have seen the faces of victims who have survived human trafficking in Hong Kong, I have seen people in my own country die from another’s hatred, I have walked the road that Nelson Mandela lived his struggle, the same road Hector Peterson was killed on, the pain in people’s eye because they don’t know what happened to their child, I have spoken with refugees and seen their struggles, the agony of someone who has looked death in the eye and survived. I can go on and one. I have seen pain, I have felt pain and I have defended it. What I have just mentioned is conflict from 6 maybe 7 countries, that doesn’t go into The USA’s history of slavery, civil wars and colonisation; it doesn’t look at the most part of Asia, the conflict in the Middle East, and the war on terrorism, human trafficking and human rights violations.
Now the above is history that I have experienced through various forums, because of this I have strong opinions on human right violations and the injustices of the world. Now please at anytime don’t get it twisted what I am trying to say, right is right and wrong is wrong, but when it comes to certain things what is right for me may not be what is right for you and same with what is wrong. I diverge. Now after seeing thing and experiencing them etc, I strongly feel that we as a world, not even as a nation should be uniting to prevent such atrocities from happening again. But instead we are ever becoming a divided world in our views and opinions, and how people should be treated. When the ICC ( international Criminal Court), The United nations, The Declaration on Human rights was initiated and polices for the protection of human rights were put into place, it was done o prevent the unnecessary deaths that mostly occurred in Europe and World War 2 at the time.  Since then, the Cold War could have wiped out the entire planet if Russia and the USA had actually pressed the button the send the nuclear bombs at each other, the Rwandan Genocide occurred right under the noses of the international community, terrorism grew so fantastically that the world now fears terrorism more than it did being blown up one time from a bomb, girls are being taken by the bus loads form their rooms while they are sleeping, Israel and Palestine have had about 3 intense wars ( that have actually been reported) although they are pretty much always in conflict with each other, Syria is being targeted with WORLD WIDE ILLEGAL GASSES that are killing the masses by the day; as well as being bombed every second day causing their people to flee for safety; and if they make it out of Syria and onto a boat let’s say, then they are most likely destined to drown or be chased away from a place of safety. Now this is where we come to the controversial part of what I am actually trying to say.
I am fully aware of the reports of refugees who attack nationals of the country they are residing in, the reports of how refugees get treated better by the government of that country than those who are citizens, how veterans are forced to sleep on the streets while refugees are given luscious homes, how jobs are freely available to refugees and not the people of that country and the negative things about them go on.
Let me give you an idea of what isn’t al of social media. I am going to give facts in bullet form what real refugees have been through and what they continue to go through. (I have met and spoken with many of these people):
-          If you are able to escape your war ridden country, you need to make it to a boarder where they will let you in.
-          By international law, if you have ratified it through the ICC or UN you are not allowed to turn a refugee or asylum seeker away, it is a violation of their human rights, yet many times they are turned away.
-          If you are not turned away, you are lugged into a camp where there is hardly any food, water provisions to survive, and wait for your refugee or asylum seeker status to be granted.  Mean while, you are subjected to disease, rape, humiliation, violence and extreme poverty.
-          If you are lucky enough to be granted refugee or asylum seeker status, you need to find somewhere to live, somewhere to go to school if you are a child which is often the case and you are a child by yourself or looking after a family of children, you need to find food, and basically you need to now survive.
-          You are not given the same rights as the citizens of that country you are in, on fact often you will be discriminated against and people in authoritative positions will take advantage of the fact that you are vulnerable.
-          This case specific to children I have met in a refugee school, the young girls will stay in a factory like setting, that the room are separated by sheets, and often these girls will either have no parents or parents  will be out working all of the time, will be raped, impregnated and left for dead in some cases, and no one to turn to because they are not able to go the police because they are victimised more, their papers torn, they are beaten, they are often forced into a life of prostitution and debt. They have to drop out of school; they are tortured and treated in a way that they may as well have stayed in their own countries, pretty much taken their chances with the war or conflict of where they came from.
-          You are often discriminated against, thus you are not able to acquire certain jobs, certain places of residence, benefits, financial assistance etc.
I could really go on for days. What I am getting at ultimately is that I urge people to think about others situations  before judging where they come from, what religion they practice, what they look like, and put yourself in their shoes if only for a moment. Conflict has arisen in your country and you need to run, if every nation starts adopting the notion of banning refugees, then you will have nowhere to run too, you will not be allowed to try and save your family, you will be left to fend for yourself, you will have nowhere to go, and you will be alone.
The notion that one life matter more than another is one that I reject with all of my heart. I personally do not believe that I am better than another person, especially because of what religion they follow, what race they are, where they are form, what gender they are f the need help or not. I have an extreme diverse group of people around which, friends, family and collegues. I see them as human beings. I do not label them, for I do not want to be labelled for what I look, like or the religion that I practice or what gender I am. I want to be remembered for the type of person I was and who I strive to be. I am not trying to enforce my beliefs on you, but I urge you to open your mind and think about the past, history that the world doesn’t want repeated but is seriously heading that was and has the capacity to be so much worse than any history we have learnt about in books.
There are extremists trying to conquer and divide the world, they are not the masses, whether it be the Muslim or Christians or any other kind of extremists, their goal is to make hatred an apart of life to break us all down. They want to fear one another which in turn create hate, which will essentially create war. Don’t let them win. We need to unite to create a united world, to fight the powers that be. It’s the terrorists, the leaders creating division, the leaders creating hate the need to be united against, so we can rebuild and create a new world. We are only as weak as our biggest fear.

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Pinterest Inspired Blue Eyed Diva Look

Listen! Trying to artistic eye makeup is not as easy as it may look. It is frustrating, time consuming and hard to execute. But... it is also fun, a challenge and super rewarding if you get it right or even close to right. For this look I really wanted to try something new, and different. It was absolutely that. This look took me over an hour and a half to perfect, and even that was not perfect. However I really did enjoy trying it out.

I was inspired by a makeup look I had seen and saved on Pinterest. It looked so beautiful and dangerous, so that is when I was like..."let's give it a whirl", and it didn’t turn out too badly.

The products I used were readily available products, for the foundation, contour and blush I used the same NYX products as in the first video, they are my new fav products for the base of my face. Then I used a combination of the Dischem House brand make up product that is a Swirl Eye Shadow Pallet, the NYX Blue Liquid Liner and Crystal Liner. To finish off I used the Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash for my lashes, which is my absolute best mascara because it really extends my lashes.

The thing is, many girls, including myself until now, would not dream in a million years to try a look like this because they may be afraid to be too daring, too out there or to shy to be so bold with a look. Well I am here to tell you, you are beautiful, and don’t need make up to hide behind. However, make up is like art and is able to let someone show their emotions, artistic abilities and enables one to express who they are or even who they want to be. Never be afraid to let your light shine amongst the animosity of others. The only person you need to be is yourself, and if you want to try new things, DO IT. Don't ever let someone else define who you are or who you should be. Be you, because you are beautiful.


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FUll Face using only NYX products.

After I attended the "World of NYX" launch at Menlyn, I was hooked on NYX products. We received a goodie bag full of amazing nyx products, but I still felt the need for more. So I went to my nearest Clicks store and found a whole stand full of products, and the nest part was that they were running a special of buy two products and get the cheapest free. I am always on the hunt for great products at a good price. Sales and discounts are my BEST FRIEND. Not because I am a cheapskate, but why must I pay more something when I can get it for less and get more for my money.

SO when I decided to start my YOUTUBE channel after months of wanting to, I thought what better product then NYX to get me started on the make up front, and let me tell you, what a good choice. In this video I used the Matt Foundation, the Contour and Highlight Palette, the Ombre Blush, the Sparkle Liquid Liner, the Ultimate Eye shadow Palette, Two Lingerie Liquid Lips.

I loved all of the products, the only product that gave, me grief was the foundation, when I opened it, the foundation seemed to have separated and it was very watery. What I mean is, when I squeezed to get product out, a watery substance squirted out at me, then only the product came out which I had to mix together to make sure it was not going to curdle on face. I saw this happen from the tester in the shop, but I thought that the tester was perhaps old. But what I do think happened is that the heat wave South Africa had in December affected it. But I still love the products, I was just slightly disappointed.

My favourite product I used in the video was the liquid lip, it’s my favourite liquid lip at the moment because it's dries thin almost like there is nothing on your lips, it stays on forever and the colours are amazing. I would recommend NYX to anyone and Everyone who would listen.


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Event Guide: Billy The B.U.M’s.

This Friday the 13th at Billy The B.U.M’s Food & Cocktail Bar in Fourways is cause for a party above all parties & to set the tone for 2017.  The legend himself, the man that makes the magic happen, Shaun Bath aka DJ Tiny T (one of the members of our extraordinary & special management team)  will be celebrating his 40th birthday at his 2nd home, Billy The B.U.M’s Fourways. Tunes will be provided by legendary DJ Roger Goode, so get ready to shake up the dance floor! Billy The B.U.Ms Fourways - making January count! Happy Birthday Tiny T! Bookings are advised and can be made by calling Billy the BUM’S Fourways on 011 465 2621