Mystic India Johannesburg

Mystic India was hands down one of the most amazing shows I have seen, with colours as bright as the sun, dancing as energetic as an energiser bunny and music too keep you going.

When one thinks of an Indian show you never quite know what to expect, but this show was definitely the unexpected in so many ways. Throughout the entire show there were so many prop and costume changes as well as the decorations and backdrops.  The lighting was amazing and the music was great.

Mystic India showed a diverse array of culture and the history of India's culture, music and dance. They took you through a story, capturing the majestic taste of India. 

The dancers were absolutely amazing always showing such great techniques and strength. They always had smiles on their faces and captured the audience with their energy. I got so tired just watching them.

Such a mesmerising show, one I would recommend to everyone and anyone who will listen.

Beerhouse Fourways

Beerhouse Fourways

I was given the opportunity to review Beerhouse Fourways, and what a night it was.

The new reviews are given a criteria which are


Friendliness of Staff

Venue Decor



The Food and Drink were given 5/5 because there was such an array of choices, 100 beers on tap to chose from. My personal favorite was the more fruity cider. The food was impeccable, We tried a snack basket so taste the different kinds of food there were, including pork, popcorn, bacon sticks amount other snacks.

Friendliness of staff also got 5/5 because our waiter Max, who needs to be applauded, knew so much about the menu and the drinks. He was so informative and knowledgeable about the product. He was extremely friendly and nice, which is not a characteristic that comes out in many now days. He spoke with us and said he was one of the few who started working with the company as it opened. this is why he knew so much. He said that Beerhouse took care of him and he wouldn't want to leave because they treat him so well. This comes across in his service to his customers.

Venue Decor, was sleek, stylish and inventive. The main form of decor was yellow and black crates, it gave the venue a different kind of vibe, a very relaxed vibe. The colours were not ones usually used but went well together. The salt and pepper holder was decorated with bottle tops which were a great touch. attention detail was amazing.

Fun. It was so much fun to go there a relax, have a couple of drinks, ( I was not driving), and some food. It was great fun because there were no expectations, just relax and chat and have fun.

They have a couple of nights where they have live entertainment. Beerhouse have introduced a new event where they have a bus taking people to and from three venues, including Beerhouse, where you can have a Beer hop and taste the different kinds of brews out there. They also have a silent disco where you can go, hire some headphones and dance around with them on. Every time we have been there, the place has been very busy, pumping with people having a good time, enjoying themselves.

Pictures to follow.

Parklife 2016

Parklife 2016 was honestly one my favorite festivals I have been to, and i have been to a lot. I think it would be best to start off with the food. The best varieties of food Ive ever come across. Last year was great but this year the food trumped itself. From gourmet popcorn to waffles on a stick which was absolutely delicious by the way. Smoothies, ice cream and desert, are just a few mentions to make your mouths drool.

The music line up which included big South African names such as Goodluck, Desmond & the Tutus and Just Jinger played amazingly. Internationally, Jasmine Thomson graced us with her presence and it certainly was amazing. Jasmine had, what seemed like the entire festival, of 12 500 people, mesmerised with her beautiful voice. For a fifteen year old woman, her voice is very mature, beautiful and emotional. She had the whole crowd going and wanting more when she finished her set.

The South African line up wa the following: Jeremy Loops, GoodLuck, Desmond & The Tutus, Al Bairre, Majozi, Monark, Mi Casa, Just Jinjer, Josh Wantie, Tresor, Kyle Deutsch & Shekhinah, Austin Cassim, Mac G (947), Pop Art Live, Vin Deysel (947) and Kyle Watson. The international line up was  Jasmine Thompson (from the UK), DJ FlicFlac (from Germany); and singer/songwriter James Hersey (from Austria).

As a whole the festival was brilliantly organised, safe and there was enough food, enough drinks and enough space. The parking, for me was a major positive for me as there was enough safe and secure parking where we didn’t have to worry about the car being gone or the contents thereof. The weather just made the day that more enjoyable.

I would just like take a minute to thank 947, Melissa Conradie and Marks Park, for such an amazing time. Also just a sideline, the picture were not up to standard as the camera had a few malfunctions, but trust it will be rectified soon.