Bastille rocked Johannesburg through rain and shine

This weekend, the world famous band Bastille toured South Africa with 3 show stopping performances. The last, in Johannesburg saw fans rocking out with the rain. The heavens decided to open up just before and during the show. But that didn’t stop fans from watching their favourite band.

The opening acts, Opposite the other, Tresor, MonarK and Mathew Mole kept fans entertained while they waited for Bastille to come one. They did South Africa proud with their performances! Whilst aiting we all got soaked form the rain that decided that it was the right time to show the bands up and shoe us what Mother Nature could do. It was quite an experience. When Bastille visited SA last, they fans were also greeted with the rain, so if ever we are in a draught again, we know who to call. (Jokes) Seriously though, the band was phenomenal and those who missed it should be very disappointed and should suffer from FOMO now. 

Photographer for all above images:  Alistair Nicoll

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