I was fortunate enough to go and see Andre again this year for his 25th year anniversary show at The Studio Theatre at Monte Casino for the Media night. I saw the show last year and when I received the invite for this year’s show, I HAD to go. I love watching unexplainable things happen, and that is for sure the case when watching Andre hypnotizes his audience.

This year was the second time I watched this amazing show. The audiences were more hesitant this time around, and a few people decided half way through they had had enough, but one lady who had participated was completely under the spell that is hypnosis. It was absolutely amazing to watch unfold. I was fortunate to be in the front row to watch the action from up close. (Which by the way was awesome).

I am at a loss for words as to how this happens, and it really boggles my mind, for I have a very analytical mind and things don’t make sense to me, make me question a lot of things. So when I see someone practically take over someone else’s mind, I have to wonder how that happens. It still doesn’t make sense to me, however I do like the mystery behind it and I love the entertainment side of it as well.

The theatre was full of laughter and good fun the entire night. There wasn’t a dry face in the house. The crowd loved him, he was funny and his sarcasm was so witty and quick. I personally loved watching people forget their names and all of a sudden convert English into Chinese.

Andre the Hilarious Hypnotist is a must see and is in theatre from Friday 19 January – Sunday 25 February

Andre The Hilarious Hypnotist at The Studio Theatre – Montecasino
Friday 19 January – Sunday 25 February
There’s no better way to chase away the January “back to work” blues than by enjoying one of South Africa’s funniest entertainers, Andre The Hilarious Hypnotist as he returns for a limited season to Montecasino’s Studio Theatre from Friday 19th January - Sunday 25th February 2018.

Andre The Hilarious Hypnotist celebrates a record breaking 25 years on stage as South Africa’s very own convener of the strange, weird and wonderful. 
Andre discovered his hypnotic calling after watching a performance of the late Max Collie in action. 
Having already studied drama, teaching and with a background in psychology, Andre immediately became hooked at the promise of being able to entertain people on stage with his hilarious hypnotic skills and that is exactly what he has been doing for the past 25 years.
No two shows are ever the same as the shows strength lies in the fact that every night’s volunteers are completely different, leading to a diverse hilarious action-packed evening performance. 
With every person reacting differently to Andre’s suggestion, not even Andre knows what to expect when he steps up on stage.
Andre does, however, promise not to disappoint and the audience can expect two hours of side-splitting hilarious Hypnotic entertainment from their very own community as Andre takes to the stage.
At the end of the day, the strength of the show lies on the volunteers of the evening and that is what makes Andre’s show such a feel-good, funny, hilarious evening’s entertainment. It’s truly the only show in the country that can claim that it makes stars of your friends and family.
Andre The Hilarious Hypnotist runs from Friday 19th January – Sunday 25th February at The Studio Theatre at Montecasino.
Performances run from Wednesdays - Fridays at 20h00, Saturdays at 17h00 and 20h00 and Sundays at 15h00
Tickets are R120 and bookings are now open at Computicket. 
There are discounted ticket prices of R90 for Pensioners and Students which can be booked through Computicket outlets with identification needing to be produced. 
For group bookings and fundraiser packages please contact Geraldine at the Montecasino Theatre Box Office on 011 511-1988.
The duration of the show is 2 hours including a 20 -minute interval.
Andre can be found on social media at:
Twitter : @AndreHypnotist
Instagram : andrgrov


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