Hello Tomato, a Pizzeria that will change your perspective on Taste!!!!

I had the marvelous opportunity to review the delicious food at Hello Tomato, a pizzeria that specializes in taste! They have the most amazing dishes that includes salads, chicken dishes, baked pasta, normal pasta and pizza. 

We were greeted with the biggest smiles when we walked in, and throughout the entire evening, the was just the most amazing vibe. There are few places where I go where I am so impressed by the food, service and actual place. So it is definitely a winner for places to go. 

What I loved about Hello Tomato, is that they have such different varieties in their food. Combinations you would have never thought about putting together, they did, and wow was it fantastic. The manager chatted to us, and he explained that their dough is ages for three days, which then makes it 60% water, this makes the pizza lighter. The crust was so tasty, almost like you could eat that alone. 

We shared a pizza and mac n cheese bake, as we wanted to taste a bit of both. We had ordered the "The Big Red" which had bacon, cheese, cheriso, pepperdews, jalapenos, and the tomato base was mixed with jalapeno sauce. I don't normally enjoy hot food, but this was so good, they changed my perspective on hot food and the flavor combinations that can you can mix. 

Just when you thought the flavors had already blown you away, we tried their frozen custard. The frozen custard, a dense, rich and creamy taste experience, choose to swirl things up with the selections of frozen custard concretes, with chunky mix-ins of Oreo cookies, flaked chocolate, banana or peanut brittle blended with a decadent fudge, chocolate hazelnut, Tiramisu or
caramel infused sauce. It was such a treat and tasted so so so SO good. It was the perfect way to end of the evening. 

Thank you so much to Hello Tomato for hosting us for this life changing evening. I will never eat pizza the same way again. 

The fantastic manager who helped us and gave us plenty of  info.

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