A Night Out At Churchills Bar

Churchills Bar, is a wonderful hidden gem in the heart of Melrose Arch, that takes you to another part of the world with its British decor, sophisticated environment and delectable food. We had the chance to check it out and do a review for all of our fabulous readers. This was our  thoughts on the place:

We walked to the entrance of the beautiful venue, greeted with a smile. Walking into the Churchills on the red carpet make us feel rather exclusive and special which I feel is the norm for the clientele that Churchill attracts. The feeling of exclusivity and importance isn't a norm when you go to some venues, however this was absolutely the feeling and experience at Churchills.I love the fact that you can be whom ever and still feel like a rock star. 

We were escorted to our table, which was ready and waiting with a a bottle of Champagne waiting for us. We then chose our platter for dinner. We chose Harry's Platter that consisted of Lamb loin chops, crumbed chicken strips, onion rings and arancini rice balls. (those are amazing rice balls, filled with cheese and deep fried. An explosion of taste!) They have various snack platter options as well as Pub styled foods and a grilled option. 

Churhills specialize in extravagant alcohols such as whiskey, champagne and gin. Their whole theme reminds me of very upper class, old England, that you see in films. Where the men disappear to their cigar room, women dress to impress and only the wealthy hang out. Only difference is Churchills is for all, which I love! 

This upmarket venue is a place you need to add to your bucket list of places to go in Johannesburg. Fr more info and information on upcoming events they are hosting, please click here

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