Funderland is going to be much more than fun, it will change lives too


Funderland, South Africas first ever 11-day, non-stop family festival and kids expo is set to explode at Cape Towns GrandWest in less than 2 weeks. A wonderland jammed-packed beyond your imagination, the event will include multiple interactive & fantasy zones, e-sports, virtual reality gaming, 3D printing to a wide range of incredible live stage shows. Plus-  our countrys biggest talent search and competition yet!

With the commitment to entertain and engage the entire family, Funderland has made another promise, to ensure that as many as 2000 disadvantaged children will have the opportunity to both experience the fun and participate in the competitions. This is the direct result of the partnership between Funderland and the Department of Cultural Affairs and Sports (DCAS) and their MOD Programme.

Funderland, the Department of Cultural Affairs and Sports (DCAS) and the MOD programme

The Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport (DCAS) provides children with opportunities for talent and skills development through its MOD (Mass Participation, Opportunity and Access, Development and Growth) Programme. Children are encouraged to regularly attend the MOD programme activities at their school as an alternative to going home to an (often) empty house after formal school hours. This is done to offer children safe spaces in which to complete their homework or to participate in sport or arts and culture.  This year, Funderland has partnered with DCAS to give 30 learners from each of the 181 schools that host the MOD Programme the opportunity to attend the Funderland event and to possibly enter the talent competition if they wish. Attendance records from the MOD Centres will be used to determine the 30 children with the highest attendance record who will be afforded the opportunity to attend the Funderland event.

The MOD Programme offers children alternative options after school hours to keep them away from social ills. We give them the opportunity to be part of a team at school and to grow and develop their talent. This is why we want to reward the children who regularly attend the MOD Programme in their areas, but also to hold them up as role-models to encourage other children to increase their attendance. says Tania Colyn, Head of Communications of the Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport.

Giving Back is Getting Back
The partnership could potentially further provide unprecedented support and growth as a motivator for the current MOD programme.

In addition, the Funderland Foundation has also made a proposal for schools to achieve commission on their promotion of the event and their ticket sales. These funds, through a process of due diligence, must be utilised to uplift the schools art, cultural or sports requirements, or used for the costs associated with the attendance of the event for participants, such as for transport and catering.

Head of Marketing for Funderland, Heidi Croxford, said The entire team is incredibly excited about the partnership between Funderland and the Department of Cultural Affairs and Sports, through their MOD programme. We are assured that we will achieve the objectives we have set for close to 2000 disadvantaged learners and that we will make a meaningful and positive difference in their lives.

Funderland has committed to providing each of the 2000 disadvantaged learners with free entry into the event, a carnival ride in addition to assisted and supported entry into South Africas biggest talent search yet, the FunderLand Talent Search and the Mzansi Talent Competition.

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