Trying out WAXIT, various treatments to keep you smooth.

Daily to weekly essentials, when taking care of your body, can be very time consuming and tedious, especially when it comes to the hair on our bodies. Whether male or female, shaving takes time, it can cause breakouts and many other side effects. Waxing your body is said to be healthier for your hair follicles, creating a smoother surface and providing a re-growth that is even and going in one direction. As opposed to when one shaves, the follicles grow in different directions.

WAXIT, a franchise of waxing salons, offer you a variety of treatments, at an affordable price. Their treatments range from waxing half legs, full legs, arms, underarms, facial features, hands, toes and below the belt treatments, just to name a few. They also offer threading, tinting of the brows and lashes, sensitive skin treatments. 

I had the opportunity to review one of their many beautiful shops. I had my lower legs waxed, my underarms waxed, my eyebrows threaded and my lashes tinted black. It was a nice spoil. As a first time waxee (not a real word, but it was the first time I was going to get waxed), I was nervous about the pain and how I would deal with it. Look I am going to be honest it was sore, but it was not unbearable at all. They also say the more you do it, the less painful it becomes. I did think, though, that the pain I had for a few seconds as well worth having smoother, healthy looking skin.

 I have done threading before; it gives such a nice result. My eyebrows are clean, neat and natural looking, which is what I wanted. The lady, who did mine, did a fantastic job. I am inlove with my brows. My lashes being tinted was so funny as I got the lady to take a picture for me, and I look like something that came out of a horror film, only during the process of course. Then after that I had beautifully tinted lashes.

       I must say for my first time, I was really impressed and had a great time. I am now converted and want to only wax in the future. Be sure to check them out on their website for the treatments they offer and the different shops where they offered.

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