Krispy Kreme is mixing things up again and collaborating with Bakers Romany Creams and Choc-kits!

How often do you find yourself reminiscing about the days that you ran around Grandma’s
house, barefoot, with your ponytail bouncing as you go. Your BB gun securely fastened in your
makeshift pocket harness? Honing your puppy dog face to try and bribe granny for some more
cookies from her treats jar, which come to think of it, never seemed to run empty. Krispy Kreme
is taking you back to those carefree, mud stained days by collaborating with a South African
favourite, Bakers Romany Creams and Choc-kits.

Let freshly baked memories consume you when you bite into a Classic Romany Cream – an
unglazed shell with a Classic Romany Cream infused Kreme, dipped in chocolate icing and
topped with crushed Classic Romany Cream and a chocolate icing drizzle. For the coffee lovers
you may enjoy a Cappuccino Romany Cream – a Krispy Kreme Original Glazed doughnut with
Cappuccino icing, topped with crushed Cappuccino Romany Cream. Alternatively try a Vanilla
Choc-kits – an unglazed shell with a Vanilla Choc-kit White Kreme, dipped in white icing, topped
with crushed Vanilla Choc-kits and finished with a caramel drizzle.

For all the Joe Cools out there the Classic Romany Cream Chiller is a must try - a white chocolate
chiller infused with Classic Romany Cream biscuit, topped with cream and crushed Romany
Cream biscuit. Is your heart beating a little faster yet?

Why not, invite your Grandma to share the joy this month of April? Thank her for all the years
that she sent you home with a little lunchbox full of your favourite sweet cookies, helped you
with homework and never snitched on you to your parents.

The Bakers collaboration launches nationally on the 3rd April and will run until the 30th April
2018. This collaboration is proudly South African and world-class. Is there anything in this
world that sounds better than merging two of your favourite treats together? Delicious
doughnuts and Freshly Baked Bakers biscuits.

Krispy Kreme has captured the flavours and feelings of the season. With winter fast
approaching this pairing could not have come at a better time. Find these nostalgic rings of
goodness at any Krispy Kreme outlet.

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