Elle Franco is a TV presenter, Voice Over artist, MC, producer and a DIY aficionado. Fresh and versatile, Elle elegantly executes all of her performances with passion. Not just a pretty face, Elle has had over 7 years experience in the TV broadcasting industry. 

We sat down with this dynamic lady and asked her for her top 5 water saving tips, to help our comrades in Cape Town!

"No matter where you live nowadays, being water-wise and saving water is always a good idea especially with the effects of global warming and climate change rapidly taking shape. Not only will your household help the environment but you will also save money.
Here are a few handy DIY water savvy saving tips that you can do at home.” Elle says.

Tip 1:
My first tip may seem obvious, but it’s one that is often overlooked or ignored. Do a quick inspection of all the taps in your home, inside and outside, for any leaks or drips. It may be just as simple as changing a ‘washer’.
You can also reduce the flow of water coming out your taps by adding a regulating Aerator, which helps to reduce water usage and aids the water to flow softer. And they are easy to install and inexpensive.

Tip 2:
Most households make use of a dishwasher and washing machine; make sure that both are full to the maximum to get the most out of one wash cycle.
If you are buying a new washing machine or dishwasher look out for the star eco rated water and energy saving models. Buying these models makes for long term use in saving water and will make all the difference.
Also select toilet systems that have dual half and full flush options, using less water when needed.  Always keep a look out for new water saving products that can be easily added to your home.

Tip 3:
3 Words- Grey water recycling! Grey water recycling is gently used water from your kitchen or bathroom sinks, showers, tubs and washing machines, which may contain traces of dirt, grease and certain household products that can be reused to water your garden and plants. 
You can opt to use and install “grey water recycling systems” or simply connect a “grey water hose” from your washing machine or bath gutter and let it flow into the garden. (Remember to also make use of eco friendly detergents).
A really easy way to grab “grey water” from your bathroom is to make use of small buckets. Decant the bath water before pulling the plug, or shower with a small bucket near your feet, this is a great way of collecting extra water to reuse. Remember to time your shower and only shower for about 4 to 5 minutes to limit water usage. 
One last easy tip when it comes to showering is to replace shower heads with a low water usage shower head.  There are so many water -wise shower heads to choose from.  Remember…never leave a tap running!

Tip 4:
Gardening water-wise tips to keep in mind when trying to save water, is to use tap timers (manual or digital) and connect them to your water irrigation system, this helps the amount of time  used for.  You can set specific times for either early in the morning or late afternoon, which are the best times to water your garden to limit evaporation from the sun. 
When planting plants in your garden bed add “garden water storage crystals or granules” to the soil and mix thoroughly. This way when the garden is watered, the crystals in the soil expand to soak up and store moisture close to the roots of the plant. Genius! This tip was given to me by friend, Tanya Visser, everyone’s favourite gardener :-)
Choose plants that are water efficient, like succulents and plants that are indigenous to South Africa, these plants need very little water to survive and look lush and pretty in your Garden.

Tip 5:
Install a rain water harvesting tank in your home; they are a great way of catching all the natural rain fall from your roof and gutters. Rain water tanks and systems come in all different shapes and sizes.  Choosing one that suits your style and budget is easy and will save you money on your water bills. If you want a DIY option of a rain water harvesting tank, I show you how in this You Tube video in collaboration with the Home Channel and Builders for the “Home Made Easy TV show 2017”.
My DIY version of a rain harvesting bin lives in my garden and comes in so handy. Follow the link to make your own Rain harvesting tank:

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