A Styling Session with ghd

I had the amazing opportunity to go over to ghd South Africa’s offices where I was treated to a styling session for my hair. The stylist and ghd educator, Natasja Pienaar, did the most wonderful 70s inspired look on my hair. Whilst having my hair styled, I learnt a lot about the products, styles for my own hair and the latest in ghd technology.

I personally have always loved using ghd and their products, personally I believe it is one of the best styles on the market and doesn’t damage my hair as much as if I were to use a cheaper brand. ghd is a very competitive brand that takes the market by storm, not only in South Africa but around the world. Their secret? They keep ahead of the demand, they have ever evolving technology and they are one step ahead of the rest of other brands around the world
One of the things that I loved chatting about was the ever revolving styles and fashions that have come in and out throughout the time, but how the golden oldies always seem to make reappearance in our time. Right now, the 70’s hair is making a comeback, the golden waves, the middle paths, crimping, and many other looks that was made famous by 70’s icons. Which of course meant that I was going to have my hair styled to look like a golden girl babe. A boy did I, if I do say so myself. (Total vain moment)

I’ve always known there were many tricks of a ghd straighter, like being able to straighten and curl hair, however I had never seen it being done that way. My hair turned into proper cork screws curls with the slight twist of the hand. You can watch the video here. From there, they were brushed out with a large toothed comb that separated the curls into beautiful waves flowing down my back. I felt as if I was ready to take on the role of one of Charlies’ Angels.

The new ghd Technology is guaranteed to keep your hair healthier for longer with minimal damage. The new ghd Gold, has two sensors that make sure the device doesn’t get too hot, the ghd gold styler (like the other stylers) are designed to stay at 185 degrees. They say this is the perfect temperature to minimize damage and create great styles.

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