Flying Fish Brews Out the Serious of Monday and Brews In Some Play with #JoziDivers

On the morning of the 15th of January 2018, Flying Fish took to the streets of Johannesburg with hundreds of scuba divers to add some flavour with #JoziDivers to what was internationally recognized as the bluest Monday of 2018.

Streets of Johannesburg were abuzz as hundreds of unbranded scuba divers were seen going about their everyday normal adulating routines, in taxi ranks, bank queues, coffee shops and the Gautrain, pulling all kinds of playful tricks for surprised onlookers. The stunt was well received as social and traditional media trended with the #JoziDivers tag. Onlookers were kept wondering what was going as they were desperatlye figuring out what the commotion and frenzy caused by the divers was all about.

The aim of this scuba diver invasion was a teaser to the launch of Flying Fish’s new TV commercial; where the brand encourages South Africans to brew out the seriousness of their everyday mundane adulting habits, and brew in some play. 

Post the #JoziDivers public stunt which alluded to the TVC’s storyline, the commercial was launched in the evening; featuring a scuba diver named Joey who is busy doing his mundane job - totally bored with his adulting situation. We then see Joey being saved form his boredom by a playful yellow submarine called THE FLYING FISH.

The TV advert that was launched this past Monday is currently on high rotation on various TV channels across South Africa

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